Date:  7 - Jul -2020  Location:
Competition - R750 Gift Voucher - End 31 August 2020.

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Date:  6 - Jun -2020  Location:

Recruitment firms are going online to interview candidates who are working from home during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Frogg Recruitment SA is also implementing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) "Safety Measurement precaution", interviewing candidates VIA Telephone, Skype, ZOOM or Whatsapp Video Calls, this will make it safer for all. Safety is our first priority.  Tech giants Google, Amazon and Twitter are among the growing number of firms asking staff to work from home. The strategy is part of social distancing efforts as businesses try to slow the spread of the virus. Headhunters also say it's now easier to contact candidates as they're not in stuck in meetings or travelling. Worldwide travel restrictions also mean people aren't travelling for business, one

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