Finding the Right Job?
June 6, 2017
Posted By - Quinton Wright
Choosing a career path (or changing one) is, for most of us, a confusing and anxiety-riddled experience. Many will tell you to "follow your passion" or "do what you love," but as Cal Newport argues in So Good They Can't Ignore You, this is not very useful advice. When I graduated from college, I liked lots of things. But love? Passion? That would have been seriously overstating it. We all want to choose a career that will make us happy, but how can we know what that will be? Research suggest that human beings are remarkably bad at predicting how they will feel when doing something in the future. It's not hard to find someone who started out thinking that they would love their chosen profession, only to wind up hating it. In fairness, how are you supposed to know if you will be happy as an investment banker, or an artist, or a professor, if you haven't actually done any of these things yet? Who has ever, in the history of mankind, taken a job and had it turn out exactly as ....
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Top 10 Questions to ask in Job Interviews
September 8, 2016
Posted By - Quinton Wright
Being inquisitive during interviews makes you stand out from the crowd and can help you make sure the job is right for you. Here are 10 tips on how to ask the right question
Here are some suggestions for effective questions to ask at the end of your job interview. Photograph: Aaron Tilley for the Guardian Aaron Tilley/Guardian
Although job interviews often feel like an interrogation, they're meant to be a conversation.... Interviewing Techniques and Tips – Frogg Recruitment SA
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Interviewing Techniques and Tips

Putting Your Best Self Forward and Getting the Job

Interviewing for a job can be nerve-wracking. You may feel uncomfortable “selling” yourself or fielding unexpected questions. Or the prospect of having to meet and impress new people may be enough to trigger anxiety. However, interviewing is a skill you can learn. With the right tips and techniques, you can become a master at sharing your value with potential employers, presenting yourself effectively at interviews, and getting the job you want.

Interviewing techniques tip 1: Interview for as much as you can

Let’s assume you have focused your search on certain types of jobs and types of employers. You have developed a preferred list of both. You have scanned the horizon, conducted research, compiled your questions, and engaged your network for assistanc.... THE INTERVIEW GUIDE
January 28, 2016
Posted By - Ryno Enslin
How you present and market yourself at interview is crucial in determining whether or not you secure the job you want. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with best practice advice as well as hints and tips on undertaking a successful interview
STEP 1 – PREPARATION Review your CV and the job description Review your CV and ensure you are equipped to answer questions on the details you have supplied. Be ready to use pertinent examples from your career or personal life to demonstrate your skills and competencies.
Also review the job description and the core competencies of the role.
Examine your suitability and prepare specific examples before the interview.
Questions to ask the interviewer Remember that an interview is a two-way process. The interviewer will be trying to determine whether you are the right person for the role and, likewise, you should take the opportunity to determine whether the .... Tips for running a successfull Meeting
January 20, 2016
Posted By - Quinton Wright
Tips for running a Successfull Meeting .... Job hunting? Here are some tips for the New Year
January 12, 2016
Posted By - Quinton Wright
If you're feeling in a rut at work, the beginning of a new year is a great time to make a fresh start and begin the hunt for a new job.
Here are five steps you can take to get on the fast-track to the job of your dreams:

1. Clean up your CV and professional profiles

If you're serious about getting a new job, begin by thinking about your personal brand and how you will position yourself in the market. Make sure that your CV is concise, up-to-date, and professional. It's a good idea, when you start applying for jobs, to tailor your CV for each application to show why you'd be a good fit for the role. Ensure that there are not any spelling or grammatical errors and that your most important experience and qualifications stand out. Also, update your online profile on LinkedIn as well as any personal websites you use to market yourself.

2. Do your homework

Spe.... 6 things to include in your mobile recruitment strategy
January 7, 2016
Posted By - Quinton Wright

6 things to include in your mobile recruitment strategy

If there’s one thing that our acclaimed in-house recruitment software is intimately built for, it is the bold new – well, not so new – world of mobile recruiting. Never before has it been so common for recruiters and candidates to find each other via smartphones, tablets and ‘phablets’.
However, the actual creation of an effective, overarching mobile recruitment strategy can be much trickier and more time-consuming than it looks – so here are six things that yours should include.

1. Mobile-optimised careers pages

Can an interested candidate head straight to your company careers page via their mobile device, easily view it and access the vital information that they need about vacancies, salary, benefits and company culture in no more than one or two taps?
Don’t overlook this vital aspect of .... TOP 10 MOST COMMON INTERVIEW BLUNDERS
Posted By - Ryno Enslin
TOP 10 MOST COMMON INTERVIEW BLUNDERS January and February are the busiest two months of the year when it comes to people looking for a new job, hoping to start fresh? Study by LifeSkills created by Barclays reveals the most common interview blunders that may come between you and your dream job in 2016. New research reveals the top 10 most common interview faux pas, which include showing off, not asking questions, dressing inappropriately and moaning about a current employer. The age old saying ‘fail to prepare then prepare to fail’ rings true, with 51% of employers citing that lack of research is the biggest blunder candidates make A quarter of unemployed young people feel that they perform badly in interviews, and 64% said they would benefit from job interview training. The survey of 500 interviewers showed that the most common errors are failure to do research prior to the job interview (51%), showing off (31%), not acting interested or engagi.... Right Attitude will be Helpful at the Workplace
October 30, 2015
Posted By - Admin2

Having the right attitude can help you to be a successful employee at the work place and can also lead you to move up.

No matter how efficient you are, if you don’t have the right approach towards the job, the results will be on the negative side. Each employee thinks of many plans for his or her career and job in particular. Thus, the key to success begins with the realization that everything is a matter of attitude and thus having the right attitude can be very positive for your career.
.... Careers that can be pursued today
Posted By - Admin2
Three decades ago, MBA was not known to all students and most people believed that career meant getting into Engineering or Medicine. Of course there were CS and CA to pursue which also had a good scope but very few youngsters had the aptitude for the same. The other options were B.Com, LLB, B.A. and B.Sc. In the case of B.A. and B.Sc. most people used to undertake post-graduation either to get in to academics or be research scientists. Amongst those who pursued B.A., very few were successful in getting into M.A. (Social Sciences) to pursue a career in Personnel management..... 1 2