How to prepare for a behavioral interview

What is a Behavioural Interview?

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A behavioural interview is a popular interview technique employers use to assess job candidates based on their past behaviour. For example, instead of asking hypothetical questions like, “How would you react if you were under a lot of pressure at work?” they would instead ask situational questions like, “Describe a time you were under a lot of pressure at work. How did you react?”

The Most Common Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Behavioral Interview Tips

  • Study the job description
  • Review major projects you’ve worked on
  • Revisit previous job performance reviews
  • Make a list of your professional accomplishments
  • Use the STAR method to structure your response
  • Be open and honest in your answer
  • Practice your interview responses aloud
  • Keep your answers under two minutes

With these kinds of questions, interviewers are usually trying to learn three things: First, they want to know how you behaved in a real-world situation. Second, they want to understand the measurable value you added to that situation. Finally, they are trying to learn how you define something like “pressure at work”—a concept different people might interpret differently.

Success in a behavioral interview is all about preparation. There aren’t necessarily wrong answers. These questions are aimed at getting to know the real you. The important thing is to be honest and to practice structuring your responses in a way that communicates what you have to offer.

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