Recruitment Services at Frogg Recruitment SA 

FROGG Recruitment SA Provides Professional Recruitment Services in Permanent and Contract Job Placements in various Industries and fields. We also Offer the Client RPO Services (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) outsourcing your “Talent Acquisition”…

Recruitment and Selection

  • Permanent Recruitment
    • Employing Employees on a permanent basis as per Clients request
  • Contract Recruitment
    • Employee is based on a contract for a specific period and not permanent
  • Executive Head-Hunting Recruitment Searches

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – RPO (Outsourced Talent Acquisition) within your Business  

Outsourcing your human resources talent acquisition to Frogg Recruitment will leave your HR Department the opportunity to focus more on policy implementation and structured development. We will attend to your staff recruitment.

HR Business Solutions:

  • HR Policy Development within your business
  • Industrial Relations including management of CCMA cases
  • Exit Interviews
  • Training and Development

 Payroll & Contract Management Services:

  • Do you need Contract or TEMP Payroll Services?

 Psychometric Assessments:

  • Set Specific Modules designed per Industry for your business
  • Testing of set Skills and Candidates ensuring the right fit when appointing staff

Employee Verification Services  (Click Here)

Recruitment Sectors at Frogg Recruitment SA..

Banking & Finance |  Insurance  |  ICT  | Freight and Shipping  |  Supply Chain & Logistics  |  FMCG  |  Manufacturing  |  Telecommunications  |  Retail  |  Marketing  |  Sales  |  Construction  |  Automotive  |  Mining  |  Electronics  |  Healthcare  |  Energy  |  Legal  |  Accounting  |  Hospitality