6 things to include in your mobile recruitment strategy

6 things to include in your mobile recruitment strategy

If there’s one thing that our acclaimed in-house recruitment software is intimately built for, it is the bold new – well, not so new – world of mobile recruiting. Never before has it been so common for recruiters and candidates to find each other via smartphones, tablets and ‘phablets’.
However, the actual creation of an effective, overarching mobile recruitment strategy can be much trickier and more time-consuming than it looks – so here are six things that yours should include.

1. Mobile-optimised careers pages

Can an interested candidate head straight to your company careers page via their mobile device, easily view it and access the vital information that they need about vacancies, salary, benefits and company culture in no more than one or two taps?
Don’t overlook this vital aspect of the candidate experience in the mobile world.

2. The acceptance of mobile and social CVs

A genuinely seamless candidate experience for smartphone or tablet users also entails the ability to quickly upload their CV or even apply with their LinkedIn profile, all in just a few seconds.

3. Social recruitment

Of course, creating a great mobile hiring strategy isn’t just about making your company an easy and attractive one to apply for roles at for those already-roving candidates.
That’s because you will also want to be proactive yourself, tapping into the social networks on which the best talent roams and quickly establishing those all-important connections.

4. Videos about company culture

Mobile and video are perfect bedfellows, with smartphone and tablet users among the most likely to actually watch online videos.
They’re probably short of time, they want something immediately engaging and videos can be used to give them a great insight into what it’s really like to work at your firm.

5. Digital interviews

Why give your candidate such a speedy way of finding out about and applying for your company’s vacancies, if the whole process is then slowed down by a traditional approach to arranging interviews, only setting a date many weeks ahead when all hiring staff are available?
Instead, make the process instant by allowing selected candidates to record on-demand video interviews, so that they can answer your questions from anywhere, at a time that suits them.

6. Digital onboarding

As you might imagine, digital and mobile technology also makes things quicker when you have finally decided to take on a candidate and need to get them up to speed with working life at your firm.
Send them digital paperwork, policies and procedures in advance, so that they can start work on the first day rather than waste a minute of time.
Mobile recruitment will only become all the more important for ambitious employers as technology progresses. Invest in our highly mobile-oriented in-house recruitment software today, and your firm can give itself that vital advantage.

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